Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing - ANZ edition 6th Edition

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Now in its 6th edition, this trusted reference for nursing students supports the development of safe, effective and person-centred practice.

The text has been comprehensively revised by nursing leaders and experts from across the spectrum of clinical practice, education, research and health policy settings; and a highly experienced editorial team, which includes Jackie Crisp, Clint Douglas, Geraldine Rebeiro and Donna Waters.

Part 1 Evolving nursing: nursing and the healthcare environment
1. Creating a proactive and dynamic nursing profession
2. Building nursing practice: The Fundamentals of Care Framework
3. Engaging patients and keeping them safe
4. Enabling cultural safety
5. Partnering in care

Part 2 Framing nursing: critical processes in nursing practice
6. Developing clinical reasoning for nursing practice
7. Gathering relevant information and making decisions
8. Setting priorities, taking action and evaluating outcomes
9. Generating and using nursing knowledge

Part 3 Positioning nursing: professional responsibility and accountability for safe and effective care
10. Collaborating for integrated care
11. Examining the ethical practice of nursing
12. Practising nursing within Australian regulatory frameworks
13. Acting in accordance with New Zealand regulatory frameworks
14. Placing communication at the heart of person-centred care
15. Putting the ‘e’ in health

Part 4 Practising nursing: Fundamentals of Care for quality and safety
16. The vital signs: using a primary survey approach for patient assessment
17. Undertaking a focused assessment: physical assessment of body systems
18. Preventing and controlling infection
19. Optimising skin integrity and wound care
20. Ensuring medication safety
21. Promoting mobility
22. Assessing and managing pain
23. Supporting oxygenation and perfusion
24. Balancing fluid, electrolyte and acid–base
25. Meeting nutritional needs
26. Maintaining hygiene
27. Managing continence: urinary
28. Managing continence: bowel
29. Fostering sleep

Part 5 Adapting nursing: life stages and transitions
30. Considering the developmental context from conception to adolescence
31. Considering the developmental context of youth and adults
32. Considering the older person
33. Considering the person with disability
34. Considering sexuality and sexual health
35. Managing mental health and wellbeing
36. Considering end-of-life care

Part 6 Adapting nursing: contexts of care
37. Working in the aged care sector
38. Working in primary and community health sectors
39. Working in the acute care sector
40. Working in the mental sector

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