A Beginner's Guide to Critical Thinking and Writing in Health and Social Care

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Ever struggled to write a critical essay?

Ever wondered what critical thinking actually is and how you can apply it in your academic work and practice?This bestselling guide takes you through every stage of becoming a critical thinker, from approaching your subject to writing your essays or dissertation in health and social care. Each chapter tackles a different aspect of critical thinking and shows you how it's done using examples and simple language. Beginning with an overview of the importance of critical thinking, the book goes on to cover:

How to think critically about different types of information as potential evidence, including books, journals, articles, websites, and, new to this edition, social mediaHow to demonstrate critical thinking in written work and presentations How to adopt critical thinking in practice

Updated with more references to online resources and critical appraisal tools, this fully revised second edition includes:

The key tool 'Six questions for critical thinking' which will assist you in developing your skills for academic work and practice - updated for this edition in response to student evaluation An expanded worked example of critical analysis New exploration of the connection between theory and practice

This book is an essential purchase for students and qualified healthcare staff alike and was highly commended in the BMA Medical Book Awards 2012."This is an amazing book that I recommend to all levels of students as there is something in it for all. It is written in an easy to understand and friendly style that is accessible to anyone has an interest in critical thinking whether they are studying or not. It puts a different perspective on one's thinking and has even turned it on its head for some students. I love this book and the sound of the penny dropping for my learners!"

Liz Rockingham, Adult Field Lead / Teaching Fellow, University of Surrey, UK"In my estimation this is the definitive beginner's guide to critical thinking and writing in health and social care. After reading this book any student should understand why and how critical thinking underpins professional practice and the highest endeavours in academic work and research. Within the book are three invaluable checklists: 1) 'Six questions for critical thinking',2) 'Critical thinking skills in your written work' and 3) 'Critical thinking, or relying on routine'. A wonderful book for both Undergraduate and Masters' students and a must for hard-pressed academics who wish to encourage and endorse the need for critical thinking at all levels in all of their students".

Dr Ruth Davies, Associate Professor Child and Family Health, Swansea University, UK"I did not intend to read this book cover to cover but it was such a pleasure I did. The book by Aveyard, Sharp and Woolliams achieves exactly what it sets out to do and is a comprehensive and highly readable guide. In this little gem the mysteries of critical thinking and writing are unpacked. Useful tools, resources, activities and worked examples are included and the reader is guided to develop their own skills. From the initial challenge to explore their personal values, beliefs and assumptions, through to how to adopt critical thinking in practice, the reader is left in no doubt as to the valuable contribution this book will make to developing their skills of critical thinking and writing for professional practice."

Ailsa Espie, Senior Lecturer, Division of Nursing, Queen Margaret University, UK "Health and social care professionals navigate through extensive quantities of information in the course of their work. The ability to think clearly and critically is fundamental for appraising and implementing evidence and knowledge in practice. This book is an excellent place to start learning these vital skills and I recommend it to my students and to you."

Dr Martin Webber, Anniversary Reader in Social Work, University of York, UK"I would recommend this book to any health care student, not just nurses, that require help in starting out how to write critically in essays, presentations, literature reviews and dissertations."

Jade Day, Student Nurse at Anglia Ruskin University, UK

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