Physiology in Childbearing: with Anatomy and Related Biosciences

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The new edition of Physiology in Childbearing with Anatomy and Related Biosciences continues to offer readers with a sound introduction to human biology as it relates to pregnancy and childbirth.

Retaining the features that characterised the popularity of previous editions - namely, a clear and accessible writing style, extensive artwork program and online question bank with downloadable image collection - the volume addresses basic biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics and fertility. Chapters on embryology then explore fetal growth and development together with congenital anomalies.

A 'systems-based' series of chapters examine the adult human body linking normal structure and function to changes that occur during pregnancy. Complications of pregnancy such as bleeding, hypertension and metabolic disorders are included. Chapters then explore labour, including its complications and the effective use of pain relief. Finally, the neonate is examined with an explanation of the adaptation to extra-uterine life and potential health challenges. The book concludes with an exploration of infant feeding and bio-behavioural aspects of parenting.

Fully updated throughout, this successful textbook will be ideal for midwives, whether qualified or in training, worldwide, in both high tech environments within the developed world or more remote areas of practice.

Straightforward writing style helps demystify a challenging subject area

Applies theory to practice to show how a knowledge of the biological sciences can enhance the care given to mothers and babies

Designed to facilitate early recognition of pathology to help prevent morbidity and mortality

Ideal introduction to basic biochemistry, cellular biology and genetics for those who have no prior knowledge of the subject areas

Chapters on embryology help explain the occurrence of neonatal pathology

A 'body systems approach' - including embryological development - enables an understanding of the physiological and pathophysiological changes that occur during pregnancy

Clear diagrams allow an understanding of the complex three-dimensional concepts seen in biology

Helpful pedagogy such as 'Main Points' boxes at the end of each chapter act as useful aide-memoires

Enhances the safety of mothers and babies, both in the developed world and those countries where the provision of adequate care remains limited

Revised contributor team provides an international perspective

Updated design presents shorter sections of information with concise summaries of 'key points' and easy to interpret figures and tables

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